About Us

Have you been asking “How do we choose the perfect filter to match our case-specific requirements yet avoiding redundancy at the same time be savvy in cost?”, or “Should be be worried about stock continuity, ECN issue and delayed response time?”

If these are some of the pebbles in your shoes, then you have come to the right place. We JEGGERS, as we take pride in calling ourselves, uphold professionalism, efficiency and the trust clients place in us.

Through years of accumulated projects experience with high proficiency in products acumen and development, JEG are now one of the most sought-after liquid filtration brands in the market.

Why choose us

The importance of industrial filtration in manufacturing is highlighted due to its role in removing contaminants and maintaining purity in processes. However, cost constraints persist. JEG is a reliable partner offering efficient, quick, and cost-effective filtration solutions tailored to your specific operational needs, ensuring product quality while saving money. And JEG Filtration is also sole distributor of Amazon Filters in Malaysia.
The standard of products

We strive to deliver the kind of solutions, the standard of products and the type of services that exceed clients’ expectations, offering peace of mind and abating the hassles of production problems.

The perfect solutions tailor-made

We shall support you with the highest professionalism and the perfect solutions tailor-made to your operating process environment, ensuring accurate specification with zero redundancy that bodes well with cost planning.

Continuity of product supply

We are committed to the continuity of product supply, thus eliminating any possibility of OOS or ECN situations and down time.



The best after-sales service

We aspire to provide the best after-sales service with our team committing to round-the-clock availability and rapid response to enquiries, providing assistance via both online or on-site as we go the extra mile to serve you with a tad of personal touch.

Top quality products without compromise

We pledge only to provide top quality products without compromise, indulge our clients with a wide variety of options, all at reasonable costs.


Becoming a world class multinational company

We are governed by our promise of delivering the 6C’s Experience to our valued clients: Customize to harmonize, Cost and consciousness, Consistency of quality, Commitment towards deliver, Clarity of commerce, and Continuous improvement, to achieve our ultimate goal of becoming a world class multinational company which accentuates our position as an active contributor to the community and its wellbeing.

Looking for cost-effective solutions in filtration?

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